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Cool Pool
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Cool Pool Game

Cool Pool is a free online balls billiards cool game pool pot shoot skillplay skills game

A free online Cool Pool game game

Description: This is one pool game that will test your shooting skills(dictionary skills games, dictionary skills worksheets, dictionary skills primary, interactive dictionary skills, dictionary skills words, dictionary skills for kids, teaching dictionary skills middle school, dictionary skills resources and quia dictionary etc.), with no time to spare!

How to play: The object of this game is quite simple. You need to shoot at the colored balls into the goals, however, that easier said than done... because you will need to shoot as many balls with one shot as you possibly can, before the balls explode... This is simple yet a extremely challenging game. This game is certain to challenge your pool shooting skills! Use the mouse left click to drag the power meter and then release it to shoot the target.

Categories: balls - billiards - cool - game - pool - pot - shoot - skillplay - skills

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